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School class booking

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Online booking outside the summer months; 24 hours prior to event.

We expect between 1 and 1.5 hours to climb Ålesund via ferrata. This includes handing over equipment, equipment and safety instruction, the climb and return down the city stairs.

Meeting place
You meet at our mobile guide office, which is located east of the city park. See map below the text. Here you will get all the equipment you need. Please arrive 10 minutes before the agreed time. See map

Return of equipment
When you're done climbing, go down the city stairs to the park and hand your gear back to the guide.

Dress according to the weather, but remember that it gets hot in the wall on sunny days. Sneakers with good grip work well. You can take a small bag up the wall, or leave the bag at our mobile guide office.

We recommend the use of gloves when climbing via ferrata. We sell gloves for NOK 50 per pair.

Rules for canceling a booked appointment
Free of charge up to 14 days before the reserved time.
50% cost in case of cancellation between 14 and 7 days before the reserved time.
100% cost in case of cancellation less than 7 days before the reserved time.

We offer an exciting city tour where students receive training in the use of equipment and techniques for climbing via ferrata.

The class meets in the city park where one of our guides is ready with the equipment. We take the time to talk to the students about what is important for climbing the wall safely. When everyone has a helmet, harness and ferrata slings, the guide will take the class on a climbing trip up the south side of Aksla. Halfway up the wall we have built a sofa where the class gathers. The guide will talk about the geology and fauna that surrounds us at Aksla. There is a fantastic view of the surrounding nature and the guide will talk about the most central mountains and islands we can see. The tour continues to the top of the wall, just below Fjellstua. In a united troop, the class walks down the city stairs and back to the starting point in the city park.

When you make a booking, it generates an e-mail to us in which you register your interest, so it is not a final booking. It is important to have a dialogue before the visit is agreed. The invoice is sent as EHF to the school after the visit.

Price per student* NOK 175

* minimum 15 students including teachers.

Class: maximum 30 students including teachers.
Time: 1.5 hours.

Weather and conditions

The facility is closed when it is:
strong wind
when lightning and thunder are reported
ice/snow in the wall

Rules in Ålesund via ferrata

Minimum 40 kg.
Maximum 120 kg.

* Pupils with a fear of heights are not recommended to climb via ferrata.